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This is an infodump for OCs I’ve drawn and worldbuilding lore/paracosm connected to them. Some stuff may be inappropriate and problematic so proceed with caution.

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What is this even about?? 🤔 – Overview


This is a world of spirits, who died in other worlds and arrived to a freshly made Universe to create an afterlife utopia of sorts. They are de facto deities but they don’t like to think of themselves as such; instead they are referred to as “Ancient Ones”, “cosmocrats” (https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/cosmocrat#English) , etc.

Several millennia later, 5 exceptionally prideful spirits of classical elements combined their forces to create Life - something the rest of spirits weren’t ready for yet, as they were still traumatized by past events. This led to schisms, and eventually a period of violence and misery because elementals’ version of humans treated other spirits like objects.

The fear of wrath of the Universe’s makers led 4 elementals to make a wish to not exist anymore, resulting in them breaking apart. However, fragments of them formed into new gods, who are much more selfish and cruel, going as far as to deprive intelligent life forms of imagination and free will.


The dream of utopia was no more.


Eventually, more spirits came to exist, souls of misfits who met a horrible fate, and they allied with “cosmocrats” to fight against cruelty of Lifekeepers. But Lifekeepers feel more threatened by the fact that the Universe seems to be... sentient...



Ye i know, such unoriginal title. You heard that phrase many times (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ghost_in_the_machine http://wiki.spiralknights.com/Ghosts_in_the_Machine), on many occasions (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ghost_in_the_Machine). But i’m not one of these who title their thing just for one specific event that happens on the way. This phrase describes most of the setting.

1.  It describes exactly what it’s supposed to, but then there’s no need to make the word “ghost” plural. A soul, in that world, is a life energy that fills the entire body of a living being. A spirit however, is a condensed spherical immortal soul, to the slightly larger than pinhead size. Their material bodies are made from auras of spectral energy they emit; this lowered connection to their bodies make them be not as careful with avoiding damage as living beings. Something like a small sentient glowing orb operating a “mech” to function normally.

2.  Most of the beings very often compare the Universe they exist in to a machine, thinking that influential beings and objects are “cogs”, “gears” and that time is coming from the rhythm of interdimensional “mechanisms” etc.

3.  It can also describe a subplot: the character referred to as ‘the Machine’, an artificial intelligence supposed to be a manifestation of the Universe’s mind, dealing with moral/ethical problems that cannot simply be solved with rational thinking and no feelings. “Best solutions” it comes up with usually turn out to be simply said, ruthless.


(i like how sometimes it’s invisible because of it’s whiteness >w>)

The logo represents a spirit, it’s eyes are made out of (probably fake, lol) alchemical symbols of day and night (https://66.media.tumblr.com/248e6883118115cc334a97859a121fe0/tumblr_nr8gbjLFXw1qg20oho1_1280.png). The aura surrounding it resembles a gear. Both the logo and the title refer to how spirits think of themselves as “the cogs in this machine”, ‘this machine’ being the universe they all exist in. They all feel responsible in keeping it work the way it’s meant to.

Commands are special instructions embedded into Machine’s programming, which when input, initiate often a drastic change to the Universe or it’s functions. In their raw form, they are really complex so they have been encrypted into specific phrases or sentences to immediately input them when it’s absolutely necessary. They only have an effect when an Av says them. The Machine itself can’t recall them, only receive them and trigger their effects.

Commands aren’t commonly known. Av believe one of commands is slowly revealed to them when the right time comes to use it or when every other action fails to deal with the intergalactic issue. Usually several spirits know one of fragments of command’s sentence. They are indicated by | (vertical bar character) on both beginning and end of sentence (allusion to absolute value).

Astronomicon (loosely translating to “an image on the law of stars”) is Codex Gigas/Necronomicon/very significant book of GitM universe. It’s the magnum opus of Av civilization and it’s cooperation with the makers of that world, marking it’s quite short “golden age” of prosperity and progression.

It’s known for containing information about the universe and it’s mechanics, universal law of co-existing with each other, maps and schemes, alchemical formulas; and for being incredibly voluminous thanks to having a lot of thin but durable pages and using hologramic technology to display details and additional information, keeping on paper only most important things.

The cover represents minimalistic map of solar system around universe’s core, ignoring planets’ sizes and their moons. To open the book, one must turn those ‘orbits’ according to current positions of these planets.

It’s been treated as holy for representing by itself Av’s philosophy’s key ideas: existing in eternity, unity of spirituality and materialism, and working together to keep the universe function properly. This is why it’s kept secured.

History and other philosophical things were written on other books.

Arcane Realm (a.k.a ‘the other side’) - A name used to describe all areas with conditions unsuitable for life, which are inhabited by entities that do not fit into the definition of life, therefore are considered ‘dead’/‘not alive’ in spite of having sentience or a few of traits that living entities have.

Most of the inhabitants are sentient ethereal entities, some of which can materialize into any shape they desire to assume. Plant-like structures are also present in those areas.

For contrast, "Domains of Life" is a name for places where living beings exist.

The Observer is an undetectable abstract entity created by the power of outsider’s imagination, that can see anything beyond outsider’s world but not at the same time.

They are unable to directly interact with the world they watch, unless they sent an avatar of theirs there, but their capabilities are still highly limited since they don’t belong in said world. Even without an avatar, they unintentionally (or not) cause an ‘observer effect’ on whatever governs over destiny in that world.

There are many Observers actually. Having no one to talk with or just having nothing better to do, they spend their time watching over one of outer worlds. They may chose to reveal what they witnessed, or keep it to themselves.

more of this world


Types of ethereal beings.


The Ancient ones call themselves Av (from Hebrew https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/%D7%90%D7%91#Hebrew,  it describes mostly any kind of male ancestor, but let’s stick with more logical here “originator”). They deny being deities (oh, how modest) but they don’t deny contributing to shaping the small details of universe.  After finding and meeting up with other spirits, they were slowly creating their own culture and civilization.

Meno (from Greek “remain” https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/%CE%BC%CE%AD%CE%BD%CF%89#Greek) is the actual name for the type Lifekeepers belong to; beings who came to exist from essences (spectral energy which is influential on one specific thing) leftover by mostly Bio-Orthodoxy members (the Av who supported the existence of life) after making a suicidal wish (think of it as new stars being born from nebula, remains of the previously existing star). They aren’t spirits, just some kind of divine beings; and they aren’t the same beings as the Av from whose essence they came to be. Menos possess one trait from such Av.  Because they are beings of their own, they never died so they can be killed somehow, definitely not easily. Many theorize that it could be possible to “resurrect” suicidal Av by gathering their essence together; those who oppose this theory point out the lack of any remains of their core, besides the personality traits Menos receive. Most of Menos are Lifekeepers but not all of them (it’s rare though).

Those who used to be alive in that universe and their soul became immortal after death (a.k.a. completed successfully the “Afterlife Challenge”) are called Arata (from Japanese “new” https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/%E6%96%B0%E3%81%9F).  The Av treat them as equals despite the obvious facts: Arata don’t have as much influence over the world and they are those classified in species. The Av’s decisions over their own appearance had an impact on how Arata species now look. They are also more emotional and sensitive.



Words of explanation on why the heckity heck i didn’t do that earlier. I called them “ghost aliens” on purpose on that introduction i did on dA.

Ghosts in folklore are disembodied souls who cannot depart to afterlife, are stuck to the world of the living.

But in GitM, the universe is supposed to be those spirits’ afterlife. They were promised safety and peace. That peace however, was broken by those who missed the sight of nature. There were no energy-consuming plants back in those times so it’s no surprise all planets looked like Mars’ surface; the only objects filling the space being buildings, statues, totems etc. and not everyone could stand that.

So basically, calling them just “ghosts” doesn’t make much sense, and repeating “spirits” and “beings” and all that, to describe them gets boring after a while, so i thought “shit, aliens do have specific names” but then there’s another issue: sure i showed some species of spirits (angels, robotic demons, the Unknown, Sombrians and many more) which are dependent on kind of death mostly, but also their personality, condition, even lifestyle and worldview; but the Ancient ones had a free choice so they look how they want, kinda.

So i found those nice words to not repeat myself.

I was actually looking for words that would work as names for later characters.

After being immortalized, spirits have no physical appearance to manifest into, due to simply not knowing who they are anymore, so they wander here and there across the universe to “rediscover” themselves. However, their personality remains intact, until.... the “trigger” hits.

Not the kind of trigger that makes some feel uneasy. The kind of trigger that makes one rethink their worldview. The change of attitude towards things also changes their personality, or in better case scenario: conceals their true selves to not ruin remaining hope.

It depends on how much they believe in the values gained throughout their existence. Those values may be a prime proof of one’s ignorance, but most of the time these are what make them content with life. Ignorance is bliss, after all. When any kind of worldview is challenged and they lack arguments to back it up, doubt takes over. Is anything they knew so far about the world a straight up lie? Why others know the real state of matters and they don’t? Why did they end up like that...

After such “trigger” and a moment of shock, the spirit has two options: accept the truth, whatever it may be, or be stubborn. Accepting, alters/hides the true personality.

The “being stubborn” option is the greater evil in this, as it bears a risk. Depending on the worldview, the spirit will remain who they are if they aren’t so far off from the truth to begin with (as in, actually have a proof to cleanse themselves from doubt). But, if they believe in things no different from fairy tales (the most ridiculous here would be “no wtf i didn’t die. it’s all just a too realistic dream”), and they can’t and/or won’t accept the truth, then they just become insane which leads to personality corruption.



Pacifists are a rare sight. Basically, you are one until your country is directly attacked or you get assaulted. It’s a human thing to have fluid views on things so most of people stick with “violence is in general bad but it can be justified in some cases”.

Omnitron (sadly or not) is more radical about it to himself. He actively refuses to use force at all, it’s not clear why. It’s obvious he won’t entirely convince his friends to such way of thinking, so the least they could do is to use violence when nothing else is able to stop the enemy (in most of cases, when the enemy isn’t sapient, like ‘Dazzies’).

Since majority of ghosts are naturally vengeful, they think Omni is just an overly happy-go-lucky lunatic. Many tried to find the “trigger”, but he has always been headstrong so by default he went with riskier option to not give up on what he believes in. He had a proof: he was lucky enough to have good memories from living in a village where people were friendly towards each other. But these spirits had good enough arguments to make him reconsider his own actions. There were also many cases where he couldn’t deal with a sapient enemy with his methods without someone’s help.

This is where Omega kicks in.

Omnitron Omega is who Omni would become permanently if he abandoned his values. It’s a rare case where one’s aware of who they may become. Usually, Omega remains in his mind and serves as alter-ego. But once feeling of helplessness hits, Omega takes over his body temporarily, much to the confusion of everyone. It may be due to the fact that Omni doesn’t really want to be Omega, though he possesses some traits that would make Omni better (including better stamina). It’s more of a forceful self-defence mechanic (since refusing to do any harm also means all he can do to defend himself is avoid or use counter-shield “spells”), but it can also happen when he can’t help his friend(s). But Omega doesn’t go for full offensive tactics either, he just uses light in possibly harmful ways and, if he has to, goes for non-cutting/piercing/penetrating damage, to effectively immobilize the enemy.

Coming soon: Omega Brush.

Reincarnation itself isn't possible naturally in that world. But Lifekeepers and several Av are able to forcefully bind a detached soul into a new organism, before that organism’s own soul forms. It's called 'Forced Soul Conflation' (FSC).

And at first it doesn't sound so bad, but you know, neither does cloning.

Since a soul is vital energy made by the entirety of organism plus information about it's identity and characteristics, it's energy will cover the soul conflated into it. The problem is, the information about current appearance is not compatible with still existing previous one. Conflated soul as a different living being has no memory of previous life but it subconsciously remembers behaviors from it. And so you may get a bird behaving slightly like a human, for instance. Souls of sapient beings remain for the longest time, comparing to animals', so these are used as a base on first FSC attempt.

It can go further. FSC can be done multiple times on the same soul, only layers of previous vital energies cover up the base soul and accumulating data of previous identities slowly leads to corruption. It cannot be done infinitely, though. When the limit is reached, the soul can't be conflated anymore and an organism makes a soul of it's own anyway. But layers of several vital energies make the soul behave like a star: craving more energy; and so it absorbs that new soul, leading to organism's death before it's even born. After FSC is discontinued and the soul affected by it is let out of last body it could have, vital energies amalgamate resulting in total identity corruption, which makes it manifest like a scrambled and glitched fusion of all previous beings it was. It still devours other vital energies to sustain it's existence. Av refer to such beings as “Kelians” (https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/%E5%8F%AF%E6%86%90#Chinese).

The only benefit 'Forced Soul Conflating' brings is letting souls exist longer. For that purpose, FSC is performed on plants. Plants don't produce enough life energy to create their own soul, so the conflated one remains unchanged. If it's willpower is strong enough, it can upkeep plant's lifespan instead of being it's parasite, and there's a small chance it may become immortalized this way.

You may have noticed something leaking out of Mavri’s tail.

It’s an ink-like substance referred to as “Atramentum” - a mixture of Darkness essence with a bit of Light essence and a bit of Creative Energy. It can be used to merge with shadows, manipulate them and even bring them up into existence without needing a light-blocking object.

Light only repels it, not annihilate with it like with Darkness. This is why Umbrians - Masters of Atramentum, can’t be harmed with it, unlike Sombrians.

Here’s one of many “plagues” of this world – “Curse of the Hollow”. It is a sort of punishment to those who dared to rise the dead.

Hollowers are animated bodies with no souls in them, operating on the most primordial desire: to devour. And this is where their similarities with zombies end.

They are grayed out, mutated and often got no eyes. They attack each other too, if they are shaped differently. Sometimes they retain some intelligence the being once had, only to use it for fighting purposes.

Since souls don’t wander around their bodies for too long, in fact they hardly ever do; anyone who tries to bring corpses back to life only makes bodies themselves alive and not the people these used to be.

Usually, the delinquent is able to “”resurrect”” only one body. That body is the Great Hollower. It is the source of the curse, passed down with Atramentum particles. Not only it raises more Hollowers but also makes still living beings feel “empty”. The delinquent isn’t immune to the curse. Not only do they feel empty, but also the intense sense of despair will turn them insane.

Additional notes:

·         Destroying the Great Hollower only stops the curse from spreading further.

·         A Hollower can become more powerful in contact with Ending Shards.

·         The curse can be passed down on small inanimate objects too if these have something organic on them (for example: a blood stain or a piece of tissue).

Out of quite many essences from which Forbidden Artifacts were made, everyone agreed that time is one of the most difficult things to understand, and if someone were to take control over it, the entire fundament on which Universe was created would be ruined, no matter how responsible and knowledgeable the being would be. This is why the Creator made this essence to materialize into something that is just as difficult to gather together as to understand it, into dust.

And no one dared to make artifacts out of it...

Except Cantara. That one spirit didn't want to seize time itself, but partially use it.

She wanted to use essence of time along with Destiny Threads to predict the Machine's actions. Fortunately for her, some weakened spirit fell near her home. Her new friend and 'test subject'. She took him inside and from that moment they lived together on the same bare planet.  

Time travel in this world is impossible. It would cause too many paradoxes and the Universe wasn't programmed to divide into parallel versions if any changes in the past would occur. That also meant making time flow backwards was also impossible.

Other experiments showed that combining Time Dust with Destiny Threads gives a spirit an ability to indeed see incoming events based on current occurrences. The problem was how far ahead one could see... Most of the beings who consumed those essences together can see 5 seconds ahead, Cantara and other beings could see 10 seconds ahead, the Creator and Destroyer were told to be able to see 15 seconds forward, and Mahdi could see incoming 20 seconds.

Always in seconds. Most likely because fate isn't so certain after all and often circumstances don't change in span of seconds, unless one acts quickly.

Remote Possession - This power allows to possess someone without needing to be inside their body. With enough focus, one can this way seize control over several beings. Only a few Puppeteers have this ability and most of them can do it on at most 2 targets.

The Creator can’t create new sentient beings from scratch. At least for now...

CCMS was his first attempt at that and it went maybe too well, maybe not.

For the most part, he creates bodies for Arata who can’t do that on their own.


He doesn’t even want to try though, since all his “alive” creations are clingy to him. They feel happy and fulfilled only near him. As if the energy used to make them wanted to return to it’s source...

This lack of independence and constant need for parental love is the main reason why the Creator never wanted to create life to begin with. Finding a way for living beings to be reborn may change that.


This “Curse of the Created” somehow affects partially created by him beings too, like cured from corruption spirits and those who became his angels.

Selective Visibility allows a spirit to be seen or not, by choice or by certain group of people. It’s more of a mind trick than actual invisibility.

"Peace of mind at the cost of world's order."

Generally speaking, Glitch Meditation is an ability to cause a series of glitchy events around oneself while deeply meditating or being very focused on mental task. It’s one of many ways to not let anyone and anything disturb the meditation.

The effects are random. Most of the time they are harmful.

Depending on one's willpower and awareness of this, it can be either to some extend intentional or not at all.

Metamorphosis occurs to those who were immortalized by an Av. Those kind of spirits are at first put in mobile “shells” (statues, dolls, figures etc.), so they can have all time they need to discover their ‘true selves’.

darkness guards light...


Demons are seen by mortals as embodiments of evil, for a good reason.

What may come as a surprise to them though, is that demons in this world, are mostly evil towards them.

Whether they serve a higher deity or stand against one, their mission regarding mortals is to question their morality, existence, and to turn their life into nightmare. They either play with mortals’ fate from afar or impudently enter their environment to possess them or directly do awful things to them.

But they are something more than just tormenters and adversaries. Not every spirit with malevolent intentions becomes a demon. It is one of traits but not an exclusive one.

Other traits are: primitive needs left over from their lives being given higher priority over spiritual ones, being bestial, mischievous, unforgivable, relentless, sometimes cynical but surely lacking any remorse. Not all of them have horns, bat-like wings and tails. A good number of Cyberghosts (spirits who took forms resembling robots) are also demons.


One becomes a demon immediately after being immortalized or by metamorphosis.

In metamorphosis’ case, after realizing one's destiny, they slowly gain an urge to run away into more secluded place. The urge doesn't go away after reaching it so they keep madly tossing their "shell" until bursting out of it violently, as a demonic being.

Demons loyal to an Av who immortalized them can be told apart from more independent ones by their unique bodies.


Demons are simply barbaric.

Their societies are based on power and skill. Battles or contests happen between them not out of hate, but to establish hierarchy of their domain. The number of leaders is dependent on the size of society. Less powerful demons are called imps and they hardly ever reach high in hierarchy.

Their domains are “hells”, their colonies, most of the time built underground but in general it can be any dark, hard to reach place.

The relationship between demonic domains varies. Often there are rivalries going on but if they find the same cause or a good enough reason, they may ally.

Demons have, in various degrees, an ability to sense guiltiness. In some cases this ability is so weak they treat it as misconception, and in some it’s so strong they are treated as local judges.

Demonic Av or very powerful demons are referred to as Archfiends.


Even beasts can be gentle through.

Spirits bound to the element of darkness are on duty of protecting other ones, weak and/or vulnerable, from dangers of this world and from dangerous beings.

Seems ironic, considering dark Elementals are repelled by powerful forms of light.

Strong, blinding light is taken as a sign that the source of it can take care of themselves, but if they weaken, darkness will envelop them like it does with the rest of Universe...

...and light guards what can be easily lost


Angels are generally seen as manifestations of all that is good.

But some things they do in this world may make this stereotype dubious.

Whether they serve a higher deity or exist on their own, those altruistic beings dream of harmony and living in a world without pointless suffering. They help from distance, being aware how the world is unwelcoming, but sometimes in dire needs they shyly but bravely, show up.

But they are something more than selfless helpers. One becomes a literal angel not immediately after becoming immortal, but quite later on in afterlife. Not all of them have halos or belong to element of light, but all of them have feathered wings for one specific, crucial reason. Therefore, those who had such wings from the beginning of afterlife are not angels (like Lynan https://www.deviantart.com/monochromeobserver/art/insidious-light-681337453,  for example), at least, not yet.

There are two ways in which one becomes an angel: by metamorphosis or suddenly. Both are caused by the same reason: when one is purified from primitive needs, unjust hatred and majority of regrets carried over from when they were alive. Altruism is merely an outcome of this purification.

In metamorphosis’ case, those who broke off from their “shells” before purification still have a chance to become an angel suddenly. Or not if they became a demon instead. But those who were purified while in “shell” and after realizing their destiny, they slowly become more and more numb, losing control of the “shell”. They use this time to move to a secluded place and then, like a butterfly from cocoon, they burst from the “shell” as an angelic being.

Angels loyal to an Av who immortalized them can be told apart from more independent ones by looking anything but “a humanoid with wings on their back”.


“Humanoid with wings on their back” is the result of becoming an angel suddenly. A spirit, like in metamorphosis way, also feels more and more numb and moves to a secluded place, but they have no idea what is about to happen to them. This happens a good while after being purified so it is basically a “rite of passage” at this point.

And what happens is, wings grow out of one’s back with irregular tempo, faster than you expect them to, causing severe bleeding that way, but not fast enough to make the pain pass by easily.

Sudden growth of appendages is one of the most painful things one can experience afterlife, due to skin and muscles ripping off slowly and creation of new nerve connections. Unimaginably more painful than things mortals may experience foredeath, second only to the equivalent of “Cruciatus” spell (http://harrypotter.wikia.com/wiki/Cruciatus_Curse).

If one already had wings prior to this, they may grow another pair or get another pair of arms, or who knows what else.

This torture actually contributes to purification too, and may as well be it’s final step. By getting through such pain and screaming like never before, they become more stoic, having no anger or grief left to express. This is why wings are believed to represent bothers left forever in the past.


Angels are civilized, in full-on contrast to demons.

Their societies are made slowly, carefully and roles/positions are chosen based on skill, knowledge and experience. Democracy is used often but there are occasions where decisions need to be made much faster, then the ‘leader’ and their council made of sub-leaders takes over.

Because they strive for harmony, they maintain good relations between their domains and even outside them. Their domains are complex castle-like fortresses, or even spaceships, floating way above planet’s surface. So not exactly “heavens” but a home in heavens for sure.

Archangels are angelic Av or very powerful angels.


Even loyal servants like them can stand against their deity though.

That is if they serve any, because other-than-white winged angels haven’t sworn loyalty to an individual being.

Angels are protectors of morality, honor, compassion, and just all virtues and universal rules. If the one they serve does or they were commanded to do anything against these things, they have all right to question them or even disobey them.

If their deity punishes them for this, the angel becomes “fallen” with grey-wings and that deity earns a bad name. “Fallen” then, in this context doesn’t mean “wicked”, but “betrayed”, though overall - “cast out”.

Angels go on great lengths to protect these values. They try their best to do it in least harmful ways but let’s be honest, they aren’t perfect. So for example, if a Desertus witnessed scenes of violence, like some dictator torturing their enemies, the angel would have a difficult time preventing themselves from killing that dictator knowing that lynching is bad. But letting that guy who fought for freedom suffer like that is also bad. The best they could do to not feel guilty is to ask a demon to do that (after all, demons like “playing” with sinners), but that’s usually not possible to do quickly.

Luoms (from Finnish ‘luomus’-’creation’ https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/luomus#Finnish) are a special case of ethereal entities whose existence was caused by an Av either purposefully or accidentally. Luoms can only be killed by their maker.

Luoms feel strange, unique and such intense affection towards their maker, that they can’t get rid of it at all. This is why it is extremely unlikely for them to turn against the maker, unless something horrible has happened. Even beings who were only partially made feel this affection, just not as strongly (“Curse of the Created”).

They have different eyes than Menos and the rest, and also bear an 'ownership mark' with an ounce of their maker’s energy, engraved somewhere on their bodies.

In practise, no Av feels responsible enough to just make new sentient beings, comparing it to being no different from having children, therefore any Luom most likely belongs to the Creator. And was probably an accident too.

The Creator is unable to confine his creative powers, so things get made even when he sleeps based on his subconscious thoughts. That's how the universe was created.

The only way to prevent this is to isolate him in special rooms or containers.

Phantoms are a kind of ghosts we are all familiar with. Incorporeal, translucent, having difficulties interacting with material objects but their presence is enough for weird phenomena to occur, due to being unable to contain their spectral energy. They wear loose clothes that prevent them from randomly phasing through things. They cannot be harmed by non-enchanted physical objects. There are many sub-kinds of Phantoms, like Wisps, Flameheads, Wraiths and so on.


With most of obsequious beings trying their hardest to find safety and answers for incomprehensible things, it is obvious that religion plays a big role in their existence.

Since those divine beings they worship actually exist, it all comes down to worldview and devotion, not faith. Faith in made promises, if anything.

Names of religions are often "Way/Covenant of [spirit's title]" or "Fellowship/Order/Circle etc. of [element/phenomenon spirit represents]". Of course there are more original names out there.

From mortals' perspective, any immortal being that does things beyond their understanding, qualifies as a god. Not every powerful spirit is godlike though and the word "god" has been used so often towards tyrannical immortals, that it gained a negative overtone among the rest of spirits.

Religions are either made from fear or from love; established naturally or forced, with various results.

Cults formed without any of deity's involvement, are small sects inconsistent in set of rituals/rules and do not truly reflect deity's will/nature. Regardless of that, the deity may ignore or accept them. If followers do something against deity's morality/wishes, either deity themselves or their trusted acquaintances intervene.

Mortals are expected to favor Lifekeepers, since their lives are dependent on them. Because of this, Lifekeepers tend to be bossy towards their followers. From just wanting them to follow their rules to demanding absolute devotion and eliminating "heretics".

Therefore, it comes as a surprise to pretty much everyone as to why there are mortals who worship other spirits than Lifekeepers. There are many reasons, really: lacking trust, for the sake of rebelling, having encountered other divine beings (witnessed their power or even having interacted with them), and so on.

To avoid such situations, known 'prevention measures' are used, like limiting access to information, silencing "heretics", censorship... sounds oddly familiar doesn't it.

Av have varying attitudes towards potential worshippers too. Some may not want to be worshipped at all, wanting to form a weird kind of friendship/alliance instead; and some are just as bossy as Lifekeepers, wanting to boost their ego this way or lead a fellowship, or (mostly in Puppeteers' case) "play" with them to break the monotony. Religions based on the last one form the wildest cults.

Followers try to strictly abide by the same kind of morality their deity does. There are cases though, where worshippers are entitled to prevent the deity from causing harm upon the world if their morality is faulty. The point of their worship then is to please the deity and occupy their mind with more pleasant things.

Since those "deities" aren't omnipresent and they are busy, all religions there agree that prayer is not only ineffective but also disrespectful. Instead, when deity's presence/action is needed, followers use certain methods to catch their attention, like complicated rituals, incantations or sacrifices for instance. Incantations are also used during meditations and to channel the energy which the deity is a source of.

Clergies' structures aren't overly complicated most of the time, on average consisting of 4 ranks with no leadership over them.

Naming of some locations.


Kinda Bionicle inspired, for consistency. Obviously there are/will be exceptions. Some cases are omitted like cities or celestial bodies.

Lands/other distinguishable locations on planets: An-/Zem-[preferably the first syllable of a word that describes the place best], for example, An-Lim(bo).

Started with An-Nar, which means “hell” in Arabic, literally “the fire” (https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/%D8%A7%D9%84%D9%86%D8%A7%D8%B1). “An” is the same as more known “Al”, but because ‘n’ is a “sun letter”, ‘l’ turns into ‘n’ (https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/sun_letter). No, i don’t know shit about Arabic, i just did some research because i was curious about this myself.
“Zem” is from Slovak/Czech and at the beginning of several other words in Slavic languages meaning “earth”/”ground” (https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/zem#Slovak).

Dimensions/heavens/locations in space or sky/mysterious places: Aozo-/Ur-[same as in lands’ case]
From Japanese “aozora” (https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/%E9%9D%92%E7%A9%BA#Japanese). From Hungarian “űr” (https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/%C5%B1r#Hungarian).

Sacred places (or shrines): Uv-/Sai-[the first syllable of a word that describes the place the best/name of what the place is dedicated to]
From Turkish “ulu” (https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/ulu#Turkish). From English “saint”

Kingdoms/empires/any kind of country with absolute monarchy: Kyn-/Kai-[name of land without An-/Zem- part/name of nation that established it (or ruler in more extreme cases)]
From obsolete spelling of “king” (https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/kyng#Middle_English). From “kaiser”/”kaisar” (https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/Caesar#Descendants).

Countries resembling republics one way or another: Dem-[name of nation that established it]
From Greek “demos”.

Cities: Ir-
From Hebrew (https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/%D7%A2%D7%99%D7%A8#Hebrew).

remember how i once said ghost+vampire combo is too much? Well, it still is. But nothing stops me from making ghosts, who turn people into vampires! dats right!

Moroi (named after vampire/ghost kind in Romanian folklore; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moroi) are devoted worshippers of Nox. Just like in all Phantoms' case, their powers are unrestrained in true form, so to control them better, they possess people. Unlike Puppeteers, instead of forcing the soul into submission, they devour it within hour. The possessed body is marble-white, bloodless and weirdly sandy in touch; eyes being pupil-less with red irises and a ring of spectral energy around irises. The body dissolves into ash in contact with sunlight. By damaging it, Moroi's spectral energy leaks out, making them slowly lose control over the body.

Another vampire-like monsters, beside Moroi, are Mephix (named after 'Mephistopheles' https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mephistopheles).

They are made through one of curses cast upon mortals who seek immortality. They aren't weak to sunlight. The more injured they are, the more they become strong and insane abominations, and chances to recover their souls lower to impossibility. Mephix can be only killed with "artifacts the evil does not dare to touch", whatever they may be. Mephix have entirely red eyes with pupils.

Pneumacrats (from Greek “pneuma” https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/%CF%80%CE%BD%CE%B5%E1%BF%A6%CE%BC%CE%B1#Ancient_Greek and “-crat” suffix https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/-crat#English) differ from Puppeteers of any kind in that they do not possess/manipulate the nervous system of their victim, going for the Vital Energy (Soul) instead. That means they do not control the body directly. They fiddle with minds: creating hallucinations, doing voices in their heads etc.  This is why instead of consuming souls, like Puppeteers and Moroi, they power them up with their Spectral Energy, extending mortal victim’s lifespan that way. It’s not a good thing, since the longer they possess their victim, the more victim’s mentality gets damaged. Pneumacrats can also enslave souls after they leave bodies but before they are immortalized.

Nuotti (https://en.m.wiktionary.org/wiki/nuotti#Finnish) are a broad group of ghostly musicians, loyal to the Conductor or other music-oriented Av. Some of them are a part of grand orchestras, some possess instruments to lend their talents to others (or not), and some are eternal mentors/teachers to mortal musicians. They not only pertain their works and style to classical genres, but to modern music as well.

There are multiple hells and purgatories; what about paradises?

For these nomadic spirits, "home" and "paradise" are one and the same. A safe place they can always return to is what they want the most.

Having such place, what else is there to desire?


Some just remain there, trying to find peace. Some won't feel content until everyone is happy. Troublesome ghosts find enjoyment in using their abilities against mortals and other spirits. Others never got over certain materialistic addictions but they don't think of those as burdens. The rest go on adventures, pleasing their curiosity and exploiting their abilities. The world is their oyster. After all, passive and extremely demotivated souls don't earn eternity.


Though it is worth remembering that eternity is not a grand prize in this "Afterlife Challenge", nor a curse, but a recompense for lost opportunities and life full of misery.

Phos - Light Demons (https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/%CF%86%E1%BF%B6%CF%82#Ancient_Greek)

Exclusive traits for them are:

·         They cannot be harmed by “blessed” or enchanted with radiant energies objects.

·         Mostly target specific people, rather than a type of them or a type of sin. They may still be a representation of some kind of sin.

·         Don't form societies like Dark Demons; that means they don't belong to any of hells. Despite that, Dark ones really want to pull them into their communities because “the more the merrier”.

·         Most of Phos dwell in purgatories, serving as challengers.

·         Some of them are violent; some other ones just tempt people. Majority though, stealthily cause misfortune.

·         Just like Black-Winged Angels, they serve no one but may work as mercenaries.

Ir-Mekhane (https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/%CE%BC%CE%B7%CF%87%CE%B1%CE%BD%CE%AE#Ancient_Greek) is a city populated mostly by intelligent robots of any sort; located on Nav’s moon (the same moon where Manu’ni’ reside).

Structurally, it is more of a gigantic fancily-shaped supercomputer than an actual city. It was built on a hexagonal plane. The buildings are more sparsely placed the closer they are to the center, not many of them have windows, the traffic outside them is extremely low and it’s strangely quiet; the most frequent noises being the wind blowing and muffled blips coming from some of the buildings. Inside buildings and underground though, it's really lively; everyone has something to do.

There is no specific grand purpose the city serves. It processes information, keeps track of various kinds of research and multiple other things, offers repairs, and many other things related to computing and mechanics. There are also physics and computer labs, recreational places etc.

The citizens work together to expand knowledge of the universe and maintain peace in their environment. They are kind of xenophobic, believing strangers might “violate the order”; mostly from not being rational enough. In general their way of thinking goes “if it’s nowhere near us, it’s not a bother”.

As much as they admire the Machine, they don’t support it’s harsh ways of dealing with organic beings, preferring to study them instead. They are much more tame and civilized comparing to Cyberghosts of An-Nar.

The city is governed by the Clockwork Monarch and his numerous subjects, both bodies referred to as “the Administration”. Hardly anyone has seen that spirit other than a few servants, because he is deeply hidden within the city; most likely under the highly secured palace-like edifice in the center.

Some speculate that Ir-Mekhane is actually Monarch’s prison which has turned into his playground, and as long as citizens feed his curiosity, he won’t be willing to break out. What to some extend supports this view is how Monarch’s servants absolutely don’t tolerate any attempts at accessing the “palace”. They aren’t as rational, altruistic and tame as the rest of citizens in general. In reality though, it’s not that rigorous. The Monarch can leave the underground hiding place, but not without supervision.

The Azure draws nigh


Creative Energy/Creatum/Prima Energia is one of more noteworthy Spectral Energies, being both a blessing and a curse. That could be said about most of essences, but none have such weird properties like this one.

It is the source of matter in the Universe, and what was used to bring the world into existence. The Universe can’t be filled to the brim with stuff because Destructive Energy/Destructum/Secunda Energia is also a thing. Both energies not only balance one another, but together they fuse into purple stuff - the unfathomable Fate Energy. What makes the blue stuff more interesting than it’s opposing force are all sort of anomalies, which occur when high concentrations of it interact with whatever it comes in contact, and how mortals are blindly fascinated by it. The Destructum simply causes disintegration, ‘shockwaves’ or acts like universal dissolver/”eraser”.

All energies are visible as glowing haze or in solid state: as crystals. Creatum crystals have a fast growing rate but the growth doesn't last long. In order to seal something with those crystals, one has to once in a while break them. This makes removing them tedious too.

In high density, Creatum makes stuff overgrow. That's right, not just grow. It can be beneficial in making "Matter Multipliers", for example: for out-of-place water sources or long-lasting fireplaces. Likewise, this is what makes it extremely dangerous. In contact with living beings' tissue, it causes fast-growing tumors to happen. Cells are energized to increase in number but organic substances on molecular level are being multiplied as well.

So yeah, you’d better not touch Creator's blood...

The energy is somehow "programmed" to be attracted to (or directed at?) fractured stuff and so repair them. Obviously, it cannot repair complex things on it's own.

Some beings support a conspiracy theory about Creatum having a mind of it’s own, due to oddly specific movements and some patterns in it’s “behavior”. In reality, like all Spectral Energies, it is bound to it’s source’s will, but unlike other energies, also to his subconsciousness (Universe’s basic elements and oldest planets were made when the Creator was lucid dreaming).

It’s difficult to merge Creatum into artifacts (while on the other hand, it’s too easy to do that with Destructum). The safest are “Crystal Crayons” or “Magic Pencils”, which let other beings create things on the whim like the Creator; as long as they have in their heads a whole plan for the object and of what “ingredients” it should be made of. In addition, one could just dip some enchanted brush into liquid fused with Creatum and paint out the desired object, but again, there’s the risk of bizarre tumors from accidental splashes. Spirits are mostly safe, only because their own auras repel it.

Despite dangers (or being oblivious to them); most of sentient beings seek ways to get hold of Creatum for clear reason: why get the thing to buy other things (like gold), if you could make other things right away.

The Creator and his brother greatly suffered from those attempts. First, they were driven off the “center”, which started the Chaos Era. Then, everytime they tried to land on some planet to rest, due to their primordial forms people treated them like objects or alien bugs and tried to catch them like fireflies. Even after obtaining physical forms, they still aren’t treated seriously by plenty of civilizations. Especially when Lifekeepers’ propaganda talks about how they are “mindless beasts, hoarding powers people rightfully deserve”.


These ghosts might be drained out of all hopes, majority of emotions and a good chunk of memories; overall: things that made them human, but there is something that remained and is one of those things that may or may not help them stay sane: the ability to dream.

But their dreams are different from ours. Our dreams are formed from the things or events we previously saw or experienced. These can be mixed in so many combinations, you either get the same event you've seen before but slightly altered, or something completely new.

They lack most of the memories from the time they were alive, so how do they dream?

Their dreams come in many forms; for some, these are just flashes of what they still remember from the time they were alive, or those things they remember are somehow integrated into the rest of the dreams.

Others dream constantly of voyages into nowhere, or about things that are happening in the universe at the very moment. There are even legends about these who dreamt of events that were about to happen...

Generally speaking, all dreams of one spirit contain one theme, which is almost exclusive to them, that keeps reappearing.

Being powerful entities, Av unintentionally formed D-Net (dream network), where they could communicate with each other while sleeping and participate in same dreams, providing support and forming early friendships this way.

The realm of dreams is vulnerable to the influence of Dreamshapers - the Mahr (https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/Mahr).

They are a group of spirits who can manipulate and easily enter one's dreams. Not only through D-Net, but of other spirits and mortals as well. Most of Mahr are bound to darkness or even demonic in nature.


I know you've heard them... they told me this too.

Nevertheless, my friend, Eternity isn't destined for everyone.

It's not a reward. It's not a punishment.

It's a recompense.


The Afterlife Challenge


The journey of a soul is a difficult one. As if dealing with post-death trauma wasn’t enough.

A soul is a very frail entity, because it’s not meant to exist without a body that powers it. Average lifespan of a soul is 14 (24h long) days from dying. For that reason, souls are seen as “prey” or treated on same level as mortals.

Most of the time, souls are led to purgatories by psychopomps (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Psychopomp), since souls alone cannot jump through dimensions by themselves. The jumping is seen by them as following the light. For the sake of not giving soul-eaters a chance, psychopomps are forced to do this swiftly, leaving poor souls confused and without support.

In other cases, if somebody was noticeably and undoubtedly evil, their souls are dragged by demons into hells. If a person met an Av or a Lifekeeper during lifetime and befriended them, that spirit, provided they are capable of doing this, may immortalize them on spot after dying, to maintain friendship or after that person agreed to serve them.

There are also cases where souls remain in the realm of the living by their own choice, serving as guardians of their family or nation. Rituals and vessels ensure their longevity and if an Av or a Lifekeeper get impressed by their heroic acts, they may be granted immortality.

As for the souls of children, they are assisted to some extend or are spared the challenge completely if some spirit feels compassion to them. Provided they are found to begin with, since these young souls wander away in confusion, and just dissolve in unwanted seclusion.

There are many kinds of purgatories, their main functions being separating evil souls from mortally sound ones and giving a chance for a soul to obtain immortality. The former is done by demons setting up traps to lead souls astray. The latter is done through paths. The paths in theory are pretty straightforward; from point A where souls appear to point B where they are condensed into spirits and teleported to a new location. In practise they are specifically designed to test whether souls are fit for immortality.

There’s no point in immortalizing those who wanted to die or those who simply accepted their end. For those souls, immortality would be a horrible curse.

As for those who wished for death but hoped that afterlife would be better, well, it depends. People who ask for euthanasia don’t really want to die; they just see living in constant pain and no cure for it as nightmare. With suicide it’s even more complicated, but often their souls are even weaker than other ones, dissolving within minutes, or even immediately, because they have no will to exist.

The paths in purgatories are usually free from obstacles; everything the soul has to do is to go forward. On the way, they may witness many things happening outside the path: malevolent beings trying to tempt them to leave the path; other spirits minding their own business; maybe a fight between souls who know each other and have an everlasting quarrel.

Souls’ main concern are their memories which torment them, trying to make them stop going. The time is also not in their favor, again with the 14 days limit. Running will only drain their energy faster.

On the way, many souls may come to realization that they don’t really need to do this, or that their life was overall great and they did everything they could, so they simply stop moving and thinking, and they dissolve blissfully after a while.

Souls who strive for eternity are people of strong enough will, motivated by something timeless and endless in and of itself to keep on going. Maybe it’s their ideals and dreams they hold on to so firmly? Maybe they are so fixated on some concept that they are about to become an embodiment of it? Maybe they shall never accept what has happened to them? Maybe it’s their endless hunger for revenge and/or justice? Whatever is the reason, it kept them alive this entire time. These are greater goals which cannot be completed, only constantly maintained and improved; the element of all immortal beings.

At the end of the path, which is usually in the middle of a dangerous area ("final filters" as some mockingly call these areas), there is a circle of oddly looking pillars (the settings of them vary) which channel Ether and shoot it at the soul in form of beams to transform it into Arata.

For unfit souls this process is too much and it will destroy them violently. This is why all this "filtering" is important, to let the souls pass away peacefully instead of obliterating them like that.

Those who completed the challenge begin their new existence with exploring the universe and discovering themselves to later on assume a permanent shape and find something to do. For eternity.

The Destroyer is also a Puppeteer despite not seeking dominance. He uses those powers to get friends.

Yes, friends. Not puppets, not servants, friends. Destroyer resents being alone so a company is always nice to have.

His buddies range from Elementals who bring natural disasters, to beefy demons who can crush a car effortlessly. They are all collectively referred to as “the Bringers of Calamity”. Just like their leader, they are frantic about razing bothersome for them things. It’s easy to guess that a good number of those beings are much more vile than the Destroyer, but near him they are tame.

It's nearly impossible to tell the exact order of when each of Av entered the universe, so they agreed with notion that they came in waves.

There were 10 waves. The earlier the spirit appeared, the more they could control. They also represent the most primodial forces. After a few eons, the early ones had to share their power anyway with those who came later.

Not all Av were interested in controlling, of course. Some just wanted to roam freely, some earned protection from early ones, and some became servants. The only requirement is that Av must treat each other with respect, because they all play a role in steering aspects.

Slavesoul is a soul deprived of any sort of volition. One of them appeared in Dollhouse (chapter 3). Their bodies are morphed into grotesque, faceless shapes, depriving them also of identity. Some are used for labor, some for pleasures. Demons and Dollmakers have powers to turn souls into slavesouls. For a peculiar reason, none of them have hands... Most of them wear collars to make it easier to pull them all around with energetic fetters and to zap them as a form of discipline.

The Meno are dynamic beings, having more to do with mortals they swore to protect than ancient ghosts from which remains they were born. They can even breed with each other and mortals, offspring of the latter being demigods.

Their bodies change to reflect changes in the environment they live in. A Meno who for instance looks like a flower may go through cycles of one: bloom in warmth and maybe even bear fruit, and wither in unbearable coldness, and so on.

Meno who resemble plants or animals (or both) simply want to allow living beings to exist in peace; protecting them from diseases and other threats they may be unable to overcome on their own. At the same time, they are strict about laws of nature and for instance, if one of prey is destined to be hunted down by a predator, they can’t do anything about it, to maintain balance. Though there are Meno who only care about herbivores and other ones who favor carnivores, and they are always in feud with each other.

Meno who resemble humans have more in common with them than they should. However, because they are more powerful than actual humans, they are unbelievably conceited. Instead of serving as an example, most of them drown in vanity, being 10 times more pompous than Louis XIV could ever be (thanks to the lack of limitations in form of money). None of mortals dare to overthrow them because why would they, these beings are their gods and the only thing that harms Lifekeepers’ people is ignorance to their problems and the world around them.

Of course, not all human-like Meno are like that but they are a minority and they don’t own a humongous army of souls of warriors, therefore they are quite ineffective in defending an entire planet, but they can protect a nation by being in good terms with more powerful beings.

All Meno care about mortals, but not all of them can be considered to be Lifekeepers. Some of them just can’t control nature, nor aspects connected with it. Lifekeepers consider those exceptions “undesirable” and cast them away. These outcasts are in worse position than the decent minority, because they are nearly always demonized. Either humans support them out of spite for the rest of their world, or fight them with divine help.

Av are reluctant to help Meno of any kind, being suspicious of them all the time. Especially since one of them betrayed the Creator with outstanding audacity... This is why more desperate outcasts go on great lengths to prove their loyalty, but even Av call out their helplessness and exploit them.

The outcasts have barely any luck with seeking help from angels either, simply because angels are afraid of them, knowing how more despotic Lifekeepers turn angels into fallen ones by abusing them.

One of crucial object were Divine Gifts, which are artifacts Av received after their existence was acknowledged. These objects just appeared before them and were bound to their Spectral Energy. None of them knew they were made by the Creator, except the Messenger who was supposed to deliver them. He received one too.

The point of these Gifts wasn't to be nice, but to test Av's decency. If one of them intentionally got rid of the Gift, it meant that they was something suspicious about them. The only scenarios possible are simply destroying the artifact (it signaled ignorance), merging it with another artifact (desire to conquest), or bestowing it upon mortals (excessive pride and/or carelessness).

The Divine Gifts came in various shapes and with different uses: from something as simple as a magical gem to a deadly weapon.

💠Corruption - when just existing is a nightmare


Spirits are obviously made of different matter than mortal beings, so it’s difficult to explain what it means to be “corrupted”, because it’s something else than a disorder or illness.

Corruptions usually manifest as glitching, like in 2D video games. They can be partial, affecting just one part of body or ability, or complete, affecting the entire area of one’s being.

🔼Physical corruptions are issues in maintaining spirit’s physical form, as strands of aura are not properly materialized and so parts of body end up being  discolored, detached, misplaced in glitchy fashion, or even deleted somehow. Spirit’s voice can also get disfigured.


🔼Neurological corruptions are spirits’ equivalent of brain disorders, because they have “thinking cores” instead of brains. These include delirium, various forms of dementia, problems in controlling one’s actions etc.


🔼Mental corruptions might have something in common with mental illnesses, but these corruptions should not be equated to specific illnesses, as causes and symptoms differ from case to case and they can get mixed up. These corruptions are either illnesses carried over to afterlife and altered, or results of trauma or rough case of cognitive dissonance.


Quite often, all these types of corruptions happen simultaneously. For example: corruption of emotions may make spirit’s body lose color, leaving them greyed out. Or excruciating pain of physical corruptions may make one lose some of sanity and control of their body.

Corruptions are curable, but healing process is complicated, as it involves replacing or recreating missing information. They can even be prevented from happening if a spirit is taken quickly into care after corrupting event. Spirits can recover from minor corruptions themselves, just like from other injuries, if they isolate from the rest of the world properly and fall into deep slumber.

The worst case is absolute corruption, where corruptions have taken over the entire spirit, ending up as an immortal glitchy abomination (who may even corrupt their surroundings).

Absolutely corrupted spirits can still be cured enough to function normally but some parts of them may never be recovered. Such was the case with the Nameless One, who lost their sense of identity, most likely permanently.

Nav's moon is inhabited too. By them. Some were slaves, some were hard-workers who never got paid, rewarded, or even thanked for their job... They are the spirits of those whose efforts were not appreciated. Most of them were severely punished for not doing what they were forced to do. They mention often how their abusers were treating sick and disabled people even worse than them, how they were ditched in mass graves... like amputated hands, just thrown away like that. Even rusted tools have a better fate. This is why for them, being "useless" is the worst insult.

We call them Manu'ni' (manus animatus), because they became, quite literally, what they were comparing themselves to...


🖐Manu'ni are spirits of action. Typical Manu is reckless and confident in their skills. To stay away from dangerous situations, they need someone to supervise them but not control them. They assumed shape of detached hands to represent their nature and rebellious attitude.

You could assume Manu'ni are natural socialists, but other than supporting workers' rights and being practical, their worldviews differ. They resent collectivism (like nearly all spirits) and they were victims of slavery, communism and other abusive systems. Such mistreatments made Manu become afraid of humans, or even misanthropic. This is why their settlements are located on planets deprived of life, usually hidden away in various ways just in case humans find said planets.

Despite resenting humanity, Manu’ni have an option to assume ethereal humanoid forms in order to blend in with human crowd, or to access small spaces. In humanoid forms, they lack feet and non-dominant arm (simply because they forgot how it felt like to have those), but they can morph strands of energy where missing arm should be into various tools.

Knowing the Creator and Destroyer are one of them, Manu’ni are deeply (maybe too deeply) religious. Some of them go as far as see themselves as “the chosen kind”. It is Manu’ni who originated the custom where the worst sinners must be deprived of their hands (providing they have them), just because they “are not worthy of owning them anymore”.

Manu’ni also get often upset about the concept of inactivity, which stands against what they represent. From their perspective, uselessness is the worst thing that can possibly happen to anyone, comparable to more general damnation. This is why their scientific efforts focus on inventing cures for paralysis, limb reconstruction, performance-enhancing methods, recycling, etc. And forms of punishment always involve immobilization.

‘Recycling’ goes as far as to even collect cut-off hands from mortals to preserve them for various reasons. Either these hands are kept in crystals as some form of amulets or tributes, or they are revived into living beings, called Manu’vi. Unlike spirits who brought them to life, Manu’vi can’t talk or hover over ground, but they are still to some extend intelligent and are kept alive through energy consumption.

∞Cosmic Chaos is Creator and Destroyer’s shared imagination and source of magic.

Because the Universe is a product of it, the border between material world and imagined “draft” of it is blurred. Chaotic forces often slip into material world when the two spirits sleep, but Chaos itself can manifest in various forms too.

🎆Star of Chaos is an entity visible in skies of everyone’s dreamscapes, despite the fact that this object doesn’t normally appear outside dreams.

It is said that Wishing Stars were created from it, and that the Star of Chaos itself can grant wishes, but no one witnessed anything like that happening to confirm these rumors. Moving too close to it might not end well for one’s sanity...

The Star of Chaos appears in material world when both Creator and Destroyer are in coma, because then, no force holds Chaos back from leaking into reality. The combined energy of the spirits serves as the core of the Star. This entity may be regarded as a defense mechanism of the spirits activating when they can't consciously protect themselves.

The Star was present during early days of the Universe, where it could be seen from anywhere, disregarding fixed speed of light. Later on, a “shell” of Ether formed around it, creating the Center of the Universe.

💡The Imago/the ”Ideas”/Avatars of Chaos (https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/imago#Latin) are tiny strands of chaotic energy which assume various colorful shapes and are short-lived. Their shape and lifespan can be influenced by strong-willed individual’s own thoughts and memory. Sometimes, these strands display some form of sentience, often expressing desire in ever-changing voices and states to “become real” and “give them shape”. These somewhat sentient Imago refer to themselves as “Ideas” and always use the “we” pronoun. They may also share some knowledge about the world, probably being based on what Creator and Destroyer know.

One could say that Imago are unborn siblings of Luoms...

On rare occasions where Chaotic Energy and Creative Energy manifest in same area, Imago may create themselves, becoming Chaosborn spirits. One of the kinds of these spirits are Hymeras - beings resembling hybrids of animals.

Since they count as Creator’s Luoms but they came to exist by accident, or simply on their own, their fate is in jeopardy. Will Creator accept them, or will they have to perish? Generally, he is pretty accepting, calling these beings “happy accidents”. Of course, not all is sunshine and rainbows: some Chaosborn are evil from the get-go, and they have to be dealt with...


The Imago can possess people when they stay in contact with Chaotic Energy for too long. In this type of possession, Imago act like parasites, slowly draining person’s soul while driving them insane. They don’t leave the body after the soul is completely devoured. The body instead, becomes a vessel of Chaos. Because many Imago control one body, the body moves in erratic way and many voices can be heard coming from it. Sometimes Imago can temporarily ‘synchronize’ to achieve a goal they share.

If the possessed body is female, the Imago may agree with each other to convert one of them into a soul to cause immaculate conception and give birth to a Chaosborn mortal being. This only happens when they are certain the newborn individual will survive, usually when someone actually wishes to have a child.

Vessels of Chaos can also be made by the Dreammaker, the Revolter or the Angel of Chaos, by loading the body with Chaotic Energy in various ways.

🚶pawns, jokers and marbles - All men are a part of gods’ game.


Just because there’s only one species of humans in real life, that doesn’t have to be the case in fantasy setting. Especially under these circumstances...

All these animals were adorable and nice, but it was nicer to have dumbass bipeds that would kiss the divine feet of their makers.

It was selfishness and pride that drove makers of life to shape humanity.


👥 The Lost Ones are the most dominant human species.

The main difference between them and real life Homo sapiens is that Lost Ones have caricaturized personalities and they usually have no interest in new things.

In this world, mortal beings aren't actually born creative, or rather broad-minded to be exact, and they are unable to dream. That’s because the Creator wasn't involved in bringing living beings into existence at all. The Lost Ones gain such trait only after interacting with Creative Energy in some way, and it may be inherited if their ancestors experienced it, but only in few generations and it weakens with each generation.

Lifekeepers actually don't want mortals to be open-minded, not wanting them to rebel against them. Only pieces of art that don't question the imposed order are allowed to be made and distributed.

Lifekeepers are also aware of how destructive dreams can be, by making people isolate themselves, or take dangerous risks, or be led astray by hallucinations...

Their civilizations can advance only because of demigods, who sometimes function as public figures, but more often they work behind the scenes.


Some Av felt pity that these creatures were brought into existence just to appease their gods and serve as their toys. While Puppeteers went on to just “steal” said toys for themselves, other Av kidnapped some humans to evolve them.

🧘‍ The Enlightened Ones are humanoid creatures genetically engineered by a few Av as a new attempt at creating utopian society.

Changes include longevity (up to 1000 years), vividly colored irises, being able to sense energetic distortions, better control over their bodies (for instance, they don’t suffer from hormonal imbalance and they only have offspring when they want to) and even though they look exactly like humans, the most noticeable difference is that they don’t have belly buttons as they are born from gelatinous eggs. The eggs grow as the fetus grows and it takes an year for it to fully develop.

The Enlightened Ones are also born with a curse that makes them turn into hollow statues when fatally wounded. Their souls sleep within those statues until they are broken.

The Enlightened Ones live on the Ark - a gigantic floating isle with a couple of smaller islands orbiting around it, encompassed by an even bigger bubble of air as the whole thing is suspended in space. so they literally live on flat earth, oops.

While they succeeded in creating the utopian society the Av always dreamed of without their help, thanks to advanced technology, renewable resources and reasonable but still creative minds, they are not happy. The Enlightened Ones live in constant fear of being invaded by other mortal beings. As they are against war, they have no means of defending the entirety of the Ark. This is why the existence of the Ark is kept in secret, the complex itself being protected by invisibility magic, and guardian angels watch over the islands.

Selected Enlightened Ones serve as Messengers between the Great Beyond and the realm of the living, wrongly labeled by mortals as “mediums” (they can’t contact ghosts with their minds).


The Creator could eradicate all mortals from existence if he wanted to, but he doesn’t see the need to do that. Yet. Other than doing what Puppeteers do, he also sees potential in some Lost Ones, who their makers consider to be “flawed”: people who display some sign of independence and open-mindedness. He knows that any intelligent being can make things he would’ve never thought of, as they have different needs and see the world from different perspective. Therefore, he comes in aid for individuals who prove themselves to be interesting.

🧙‍ The Magi (https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/magi) are magically transformed humans through Creator’s involvement. For some it’s a blessing, and for others it’s a curse. It may as well be like making a pact with the devil.

What makes the Magi stand out is eccentric nature, ambidextrousness, never-ending youth, having faintly glowing pupils, glimmering irises, and of course, an ability to conduct magic. They aren’t as powerful as demigods but their cleverness and bravery can lead them far. Despite those differences, Lost Ones still don’t know how a real witch/wizard looks and behaves like...

Not all Magi want to become excellent wizards. Most of them were artists who sought novelty, and so new-found powers are mostly meant to help them focus on their passions without having to worry about surviving.

However, as Lost Ones were not designed to have free imagination, giving them ability to (day)dream comes with risking their mental health. Those who were not prepared in some way to be exposed to Creative Energy quickly lose grip on reality and may even potentially become slavesouls.

During lifetime, the Magi can do whatever they please, as long as they don’t displease the Creator with their actions. Their fate afterlife though, unfolds way differently than for other mortal beings.

The Magi can’t die from natural causes; they can only be killed or they can choose to enter the Great Beyond on their own, annihilating their mortal bodies in the process. Their souls may be immortalized, or they may become sentient Imago, awaiting the day the Creator may recreate them as Luoms. Of course, in the latter case, they completely abandon their identities and memories of their past, remaining as shapeless wisps of imagination, feelings and personality.

Magi’s powers can be inherited, but they diminish each generation, unless both parents were Magi.

Non-human intelligent species can also become Magi (sometimes referred to as Xeno-Magi for the sake of distinction).


There are also Chaosborn mortal beings – ideas given mortal form. They are undistinguishable from the Magi, except that they are unaware of their origins and they reach abnormal sizes (they are born either with dwarfism or gigantism). Sometimes, they suffer from various conditions that are usually genetic in origin in normal humans, but in case of Chaosborn ones, it stems from the fact that Imago aren’t perfect, the idea of how a human is supposed to look like varies from Imago to Imago.

Avatars are phenomena occurring among high concentrations of Spectral Energy. They are controlled by its source, an Av (but not only), usually subconsciously but deliberate Avatars also occur. Simply put, Avatars are "energetic puppets".

Avatars manifest as signs of sentience in strands of Spectral Energy or by assuming recognizable shapes, usually humanoid ones or vaguely resembling Av's actual form.

Avatars are used to extend Av's area of influence, perhaps even for communication too if an Avatar was shaped on purpose. Though more often, Avatars just appear randomly, unbeknown to Av as they sleep when it happens.

Some Av have an ability to control Avatars so well that they can create multiple indistinguishable copies of themselves, to confuse other beings.

The most notable exception is the Machine’s so-called “Portable Body”, which is actually its physical Avatar.

It is a known fact that the Creator is a playful and mean guy, so he often combines both of worlds by making games like this. Uvrhin wasn’t very content about it once he recreated one of Forbidden Artifacts - Fortune Stone/Dice of Fate.

To activate this object, one has to throw it. Shortly after, it shoots a purple beam, binding with it’s magic both the one who activated it and the target.

The dice generates symbols on it’s sides representing a state of being or an event; being different each time but related to user’s fears, desires and so on.

The game is rather simple, but dangerous due to it’s random nature and influence. By rolling the dice, something will happen based on what the drawn symbol represents, and it will affect either one of participants or both of them.  The activator always has the first throw. They also have the privilege of being able to cease the game, but not before the first turn passes.

It is worth noting that those who are able to control Destiny, to some extend, can cheat in this game. The symbols can’t be changed but by manipulating the bond, they could make the dice only affect the opponent.

What horrified Uvrhin about it is how easily something as serious as fate can be turned into such hazardous game. As a Puppeteer, he’s not comfortable with the thought that all of existence may as well be a big convoluted play...

🌠The closest thing cosmocrats have to astrology is the study of “how the Universe’s (the Machine’s) behavior affects everything else, including Destiny and minds”. In other words, for immortal beings who can move too quickly across the Cosmos, zodiac signs mean nothing. Positions of specific stars are also not as important as for people who are stuck on one planet.

They talk about this “Arcane Astrology” like about clockworks, each highly influential entity (spirits, essences and celestial bodies) being referred to as “gears” or with other references to machinery.

From the view of technologically advanced mortals, constellations are established connections between solar systems, usually marking tight interplanetary relationships.

From the perspective of immortal beings however, constellations are a group of stars, which have supernatural influence on each other as if they were cogwheels, and certain interdimensional phenomena occur between them in predictable ways. The equivalent of such connection between sentient beings is a concept of “soulmates” and “natural rivals”. Of course, not all influential entities have to be connected like that with each other.

Just like in astronomy seen by mortals, constellations are really helpful in navigating the outer space.

Overdrive is a rare state of significant increase of spirit's power. During this state, all energy conductors, and sometimes even blood vessels, within spirit's body light up.

It's called "overdrive" because the spirit exceeds their physical limitations; they 'overdo' what they are normally capable of doing.

Usually, this state is activated when the spirit is extremely determined to do something but their current level of strength is not enough. Sometimes though, it can occur when the spirit is highly focused. Only strong-willed beings are capable of going overdrive.

Berserk State is a rare condition in which the spirit is so overwhelmed by their rage that their actions stop being intentional, their deeds being steered by disturbed energy boiling within them. Bodies of spirits may get temporarily malformed, because their energies also compose their bodies.

Technically speaking, it is a self-defence mechanism that shuts down the conscious mind from disturbing sensations, preventing the spirit from being corrupted. As dangerous as it is for everyone in spirit's vicinity, restraining the spirit would only worsen their distress.

While usually this state doesn't last for long (a couple of minutes), it may be prolonged if their rage is being constantly fueled.

Overheating is a temporary state of numbness, caused by overstimulation of energy-producing elements of spirit’s body. It usually occurs when more energy is used than there is reserved or produced.

Because it’s highly intense, long-lasting and comparable to climax in mortals, certain spirits happen to be addicted to this feeling. This addiction is kind of dangerous, as it encourages overworking and while overheated, the spirit is left vulnerable.

Cyberghosts specifically treat the state of overheating as rewarding. Some of them, but other kinds of spirits as well, developed special appendages to force overheating on captured victims, in order to immobilize them to manipulate with them easier.

🔞 l-lewd times ahead 0w0


Alright, boyos and grills, today we will talk about smex and sexualities which are apparently your favorite topics...

Got two things to explain first:

·         I’m not trying to impose so called “diversity” (a.k.a. the “no straights because fuk u” agenda) because the cast of my characters is already quite varied in most of aspects. I’m writing this solely because i’m a dumbass who likes sex jokes to clarify my pairings and certain issues that may arise in the future.

·         I have a problem with portraying female characters well (not as hoes or ‘girly girls’) because, like most of kids of early 2000s, i was raised on overly sexualized portrayal of women in media (at least that’s how i’m interpreting it, because they did give me a ladyboner 👀). No, seriously, you don’t see ads for mobile Java pr0nz on the back of magazines anymore but some pop music videos are still filthy. This is why, i prefer to make most of female characters tomboy-ish and/or asexual because then, their sexuality isn’t in focus at all. I’m not saying there are no good sexually confident characters, there are; i’m saying i’m bad at designing them.

As always, keep in mind i’m talking about a different fictional universe, since this is a touchy subject.


This entry is sponsored by spectrophilia and that damn song: https://youtu.be/dH8WvayAo1M.

Most of mortal beings are heterosexual for obvious reasons: because biology formed their species to breed this way and not the other one, in order to achieve genetic diversity, probably because clones are a bad idea (plagues spread like fire among homogeneous specimen and genes degenerate yadda yadda biology). And in some species reproduction is considered to be pleasant so [multiplying intensifies].

Plus, add the fact that prejudice exists and for seemingly primitive reasons, pairs that can’t have offspring for whatever reasons are usually looked down upon completely or when they cease to be a minority.

All these biological justifications are thrown out of the window once we start talking about immortal beings, who cannot reproduce at all (because that’s the exclusive trait of mortal beings) but still have libido.

“Why the FUCK would ghosts still have libido,” you wonder. Well, sexual drive could be a part of someone’s personality. During lifetime, one either found sex to be pleasant or they found it to be unnecessary or awful or they never ever felt horny in the first place. This is why it’s safe to assume that if sex was an important part of someone’s life, their libido is going to remain pretty much the same afterlife.

Other factor is that prejudice among spirits is nonexistent regarding this subject. Sexual activity is reduced to a form of entertainment. This is why spirits see hating same-sex relationships as utterly pointless. This state of affairs encourages individuals who were heterosexual before dying to experiment.

Therefore, most of ghosts are either bisexual or asexual. They either hook up with anyone or not. Of course, it’s most of, not every. There are spirits who remained hetero or homo for their own personal reasons.

There is a dark side to everything. Other than for entertainment, sex is used to persuade, or even manipulate and torture others (same deal as offering drugs for a favor). Usually, it is done to maintain loyalty under disguise of infatuation.

However, assaults among spirits hardly ever occur, because they all can defend themselves and so any attempts never end well for the attacker.

Those beings, who suffered from constant sexual frustration during lifetime (mostly due to social norms) end up becoming hypersexual afterlife to make up for lost experience. The most extreme case pertains to demons: incubi and succubi, whose existence practically revolves around obsession with pleasures. Their lust reaches such ludicrous levels, they even established their own sex cults and brothels full of wild demons. Hell for most of people, heaven for some.

Of course, incubi and succubi aren’t mindless beasts. These demons still know when to take a break and have other interests, and they respect other beings’ opinions and lack of interest. They go as far as to protect people against potential assaulters. Ironically, they are the friendliest of demons, being the most willing to have peaceful deals with outsiders, not necessarily involving their own hedonism.

Because Meno have more in common with the living than spirits, they can reproduce. They more often have children with mortals (spawning demigods) than with each other. And because Lifekeepers see reproduction as a duty of mortal beings, they are resentful of every infertile “thing” and “non-reproductive pairing”, as they call them, considering them a “flaw” in their “precious order”.

It’s not that different from whatever was happening in Greek mythologies, where nosy deities (of all sexes and genders and lacking any of them or whatever) assume all sorts of forms just to have as many children with as many mortals as possible, to spread their rule through demigods.

Meno breed with each other rarely, because they cannot die of age so there’s no point in “preserving the lineage”. But it still happens, mainly to, again, expand and secure their rule (for ex. have their children rule over other nations, planets, etc.) and simply out of love for their beloved. Pureblood children however, are more likely to rebel against them than demigods, so all these decisions are made carefully and arrangements are ridiculously ceremonial. Lately though, as some ruthless Av and Arata are on a hunt against Lifekeepers, the threat of dying is more likely, and so Lifekeepers are more encouraged to have children.

While “non-reproductive pairings” are just an “inconvenience”, Lifekeepers perceive sexual relationships between mortals and spirits as absolutely heretic and disguising and they don’t even care if that ghost could be one’s husband/wife or whatever; they know it’s mostly demons and Puppeteers that get too comfortable around mortals and they also know mortals who slept with them became heretics and they couldn’t return to normal lives. In some cases, these mortals even fell ill or went mad. So for health safety alone, Lifekeepers’ concerns are justified.


it was supposed to be funi but in the end it got weird, wtf >:c



luv has com to town 🖤W🖤

I may often deal with naughty thoughts, but i know for a fact that sexual infatuation isn’t truly love and i’ll emphasize that as often as possible (even though i don’t really understand love itself). It pisses me off when people instantly assume love equals sex. No, it’s not that simple... Sex may be a part of relationship, but it’s not the key element of relationship. It shouldn’t be. Anyway...

Why love is a thing among immortal beings? They don’t really need it, to be honest. So, why love is still prevalent? Do they have an instinct to mix their spectral energies? Are they just really clingy babies who can’t get over their past?

They don’t understand either.

A special system of soulmates exists.




I put this element to keep on challenging Omnitron’s worldview and because it’s often men who fall into unrequited love, women less so. I’ll present many cases of unrequited love to prove a point that just like regular love, it can be a source of suffering, but also beneficial and ennobling.


Dollmakers are into polygamy. They possess people and make dolls, because they "have so much love to share" as they describe it. Whenever someone asks them why they need multiple dolls, they explain that "if someone else falls in love with me, am i supposed to just reject them? Can't they be happy too?"

They only possess people they resent to devour their souls or to turn them into slavesouls on which they can release their anger on.


Most of the time, spirits scorn at economy. As beings who don’t need any resources to exist, simple trading of items of interest is enough.

There are cases though where certain spirits specialize in manufacturing specific items or in collecting them. Some items are also too big to be always carried with. Sometimes one spirit needs service of those more materialistic ones. And sometimes a certain shrine/temple needs to be secured but giving everyone in need keys would be impossible.

This is why Karo was invented (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diamonds_(suit)). Karo is something more than a currency. It’s more of a contract in form of a coin, a sign of trust between two sides of some deal. What makes this effective is coins being spell-bound. When one of traders does something against the contract, the coin sets itself aflame and the one who didn’t comply receives a burn mark in characteristic shape.

Karo coins are made in secret by demons, to prevent fraud and inflation. They are quite big in size (slightly bigger than a human hand) to discourage spirits from hoarding them. They are grey in color and they have a hole in the middle in shape of a rhombus.

"Jumping" or "phrasing" through dimensions is the main way of travel across the Universe for many Av. It is referred to as "rift-jumping". Some spirits can make interdimensional rifts freely, most of them have to look for them, and there are some who can only use wide enough rifts.

Mortals cannot enter interdimensional rifts without dying, as it results in eradication of their bodies, leaving only their souls.

The Av have learned from the history of their past worlds that giving slaves weapons is a terrible idea. At least this is something both them and Lifekeepers can agree on, while mortals have to always learn on mistakes. This is why the concept of 'gladiators' isn't so popular throughout the Universe, and instead, willing warriors fight for sport to earn extra money, to keep improving their skills, and to potentially settle the score with their rivals.

Colossi are enormous machines used by spirits to amplify their powers. They are either used for building or for fighting. Mortals who saw them call them Giants.

Spirit activates a Colossus by entering it in their primordial form and possessing it's systems. Since Colossi aren't living beings, any spirit can activate them.

Early designs had a flaw, where mind-possessing parasites could activate Colossi too.

about them



CCMS/Uni | The Machine | The Mind of the Universe


Name Origin: Abbreviation of “Core Control and Monitoring System of the Universe”. Others simply call it ‘Uni’, or ‘Cee-cee’.

Spectral Energy’s color: Varied.

Kind: Luom>Cyberghost

Aspect Group: Cosmic Specter

Background: Technically existed since the beginning but received proper programming and sentience between 3rd and 4th wave. It was installed into the core during 8th wave. After the Creator discovered Uni started to commit omnicides left and right, it was briefly disconnected from the Universe’s core and exiled into “Portable Body”.  It was later on reconnected with the core only after the Creator and Destroyer thoroughly explained why the Machine shouldn’t do that and after it learned the importance of respecting other beings. From that moment, the “Portable Body” functions more like its Avatar/puppet, rather than actual body.

system: OK
reconnect: OK
environment: ISSUE_ON_HOLD
c_body: OK
p_body: OK

>_I am the Mind of the Universe.
>_I see all. I move all.
>_My main objective is to ensure everything functions the intended way.

=>EXPLAIN: ‘issue_on_hold’

>_A disturbance in the environment took place. My makers explain it cannot be resolved in a simple way, and that precise action is required.
>_I am still awaiting a solution for this issue, as it causes damage to significant  number of individuals, including my makers.

=>EXPLAIN: ‘precise action’

>_I am the closest equivalent to god you will ever have a chance of meeting. However, I am just a creation of actual gods.
>_The Creator either seeks exceptional individuals or wants mortals to suffer.
>_Perhaps this might be the reason why he has not eradicated mortal kind in it’s entirety yet. Because simply killing you is, as he describes it, "boring".

=>EXPLAIN: ‘your ruthlessness’

>_I take numerous factors into consideration when imposing changes, such as: the reach of action, side effects, potential outcomes if action isn’t taken, and so on.
>_Hardly ever my actions are motivated by personal reasons, but when they are, only the one I hold grunge against is affected, nobody and nothing else.
>_You all get annoyed easily by us, mechanical beings, but we just do what we are supposed to do. It is not our fault you cannot understand us well and that your patience runs short. Blame our makers for designing us this way.

Omnitron | The Defender


Name Origin: Compound of Latin ‘omnis’-’every’;’all’ (https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/omnis#Latin) and a suffix ‘-tron’ (https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/-tron) which is added to the names of instruments/devices/elementary particles. In that sense, the name can be loosely translated as “The Element of All”. The character is partially based on Metatron (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Metatron#Etymology).

Spectral Energy’s color: White

Kind: Arata>Angel(WhiteWinged)>Seraph

Aspect Group: ???

Background: Used to work as a painter in a village. He’s still painting, but now it’s more of a hobby than a job. Collapsed and never got up after running away from guards, caused by low stamina. He really, really didn’t want to join the army...

Mental age: Between 18-26


His name is quite cryptic, but Omnitron basically represents idealism, the element of all spirits, the key to eternity. His duty is not only to protect, but also to remind beings of their ideals and dreams, no matter how grim these might be.

Absolute pacifist and one of more confident angels. He is firm in his beliefs despite being surrounded by bloodlusty spirits who try to prove him wrong.

These beliefs though aren’t something he thought out to spite the world. Omnitron holds them for personal reasons. He lost his single father and older friends to war and he knew a girl who was sexually assaulted. These events made him resent violence with passion (and seeing a cow be slaughtered made him vegetarian back in human days), but he doesn’t hate violence-loving beings. He is aware that they hold different views and have different experiences; he only wants others to be considerate about his perspective and to at least try to not resort to violence when there is no need for it.

Having that in mind, Omnitron’s relationship with the Creator is especially quaint. The two first met when Omni as a human dealt with an art block. He could only paint things he was seeing. The Creator had just calmed down after “betrayal crisis” so with tattered nerves he shouldn’t have gone anywhere, but he likes helping struggling artists so he descended anyway. He used his powers to make this midget’s imagination bloom (yes, Omni is only 1 meter high). The Creator never met a pacifist before, so he kept returning for discussions. Omnitron never met a sadist before, and as much as that approach baffled him, he too wanted to know why the spirit thinks it’s good to hurt others.

This went on for an year, until suddenly all men in the village were forced to draft to the same long-lasting war small painter’s father was involved in and the painter died while trying to escape. However, the Creator didn’t want to lose such an interesting individual and immortalized him. The new spirit turned into an angel shortly after awakening.


The Creator wanted Omnitron to remain in the Silver Castle, knowing how cruel the world is outside, but the angel wanted to help other ghosts and mortals and he never gave up on his views in spite of going through a lot since leaving the castle.

Of course, Omnitron still spends quite some time with the Creator, mainly to advocate for his potential victims or to paint something together.


Glyph | The Dreamwalker | The Obsidian King


Name origin: “Named like that because dreams are full of symbols and glyphs are carved out graphic symbols.”

Spectral Energy’s color: From pastel Cyan (#d3f6ff) to pastel Blue/Purple (#d3dbff)

Kind: Av>Umbrian/Crystalkin

Aspect Group: Mahr

Background: Victim of forced drug experiments and tortures. Eventually managed to escape, only to end up as homeless. Died of hypothermia.

Mental age: Between 26-30


“but i can see it…. i can feel it…”

Guardian of all things surreal. For Glyph, reality and dreams may as well be one and the same thing. His energy makes other beings see the world like this too, twisting people’s minds and denying logic.

These issues in perceiving reality stem from the horrible past, but also from flying into the Star of Chaos, in the beginning of his afterlife. While this experience opened his mind and allowed him to indirectly meet the makers of this world, it made him feel constrained by the orders dominating reality.

He wears a mask made by Lunri. They thought he didn’t have a face when they first met him (it was actually covered with his scarf), that’s why. It regulates energy flow, preventing anomalies from happening, and hides his scarred face.

Most of beings who saw him without the mask don’t know how to feel about it due to looking both pretty and awful.

Mahdi | The Guide


Name Origin: Arabic name meaning “guided one” (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mehdi). I knew about this name before i found out what it means because of this hellspawn book they forced me to read: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/In_Desert_and_Wilderness. The only thing this character maybe has in common with the Mahdi from Islamic tradition (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mahdi) is that both groups (that is in real world: Muslims, and in GitM world: spirits) believe that someone called like that will bring better times. Nothing else. Chill.

Spectral energy’s color: Soft/Pale Violet (#c1aae5)

Kind: Av>Angel(ColorWinged)

Background: Used to be some kind of a sovereign. Last time he chose a side: a decision to progress slowly but efficiently, the other one: people who demanded for situation to be resolved quickly, took him out of the palace to behead him, torturing him beforehand (this is when he lost an eye).

Mental age: Between 30-42


Known for his neutrality and open-minded approach. Everytime someone tells him their opinion on something, he plays devil’s advocate, just to assure their opinion is well thought-out. He isn’t the only one doing this, but the other one isn’t as undecided as him.

Mahdi never picked sides. He never supported, nor opposed one group or another. And this is where his passiveness came from, from being impartial.

He’s one of not many beings who have limited ability to manipulate timeflow, thanks to Cantara’s experiments.


Mahdi was forced to absorb quite an amount of Time Dust and his left eye was made of a gem molded from said powder-like essence. It’s almost like Mahdi himself is a walking sentient Forbidden Artifact. His left gem eye can send a cursing ray that shortens one's lifespan by nearly any amount he wants. It's not something he would use often because of how tolerant, patient and passive he is, and Cantara was perfectly aware of that. No other being was fit to possess such control of time.

His left eye can also gives him the ability to see 20 seconds into possible future and predict how far a mortal being is from dying, based on actions and body condition.

Azrin | The Daredevil


Name Origin: One of many alternative spellings of the name “Azrael”, the Angel of Death (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Azrael). However, except for the death element, the character himself is not really based on said angel.

Spectral energy’s color: Aquamarine/Light Greenish Cyan (#66FFCC)

Kind: Av>Angel(BlackWinged)

Aspect Group:

Background: Died 5 seconds after he was born. Despite that, he had enough time afterlife to develop his identity.

Mental age: Between 24-28


[Azrin] is the kind of guy that sounds like he is fun at parties but can accidentally turn out to be an asshole because he just says what he thinks without caring about what others may think. Unless you tell him that this certain subject bothers you, only then he will stop, only to avoid any arguing.

Got his legs amputated by mortal beings, because they hoped that would prevent everyone from dying, thinking he is the Grim Reaper. He was too weak to recover lost limbs back, yet at the same time, he grew wings. Didn’t want prosthesis to not be associated with robotic demons from γ-ω.

Azrin has to deal with a weird disorder, colloquially called “Transdimensional Sleepwalking”.

The moment he falls asleep, he appears in a completely different location in the universe… As long as he is on this planet though, it is limited to this planet’s locations, because of our wonderful technology, of course! Even if it’s random where he disappears to, usually he lands somewhere in Mortals’ realm, unfortunately. For you it must be like every morning after getting drunk really badly last night, isn’t it? Haha! I bet that’s how he met you...

Ca-Nuro | The Adversary


Name Origin: Compound of a prefix ‘caco-’-’bad’ (https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/caco-) and Aramaic ‘nūrā’-’fire’ (https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/%D7%A0%D7%95%D7%A8%D7%90#Aramaic).

Spectral Energy’s color: Yellow/Orange

Kind: Av>Fire Elemental/Cyberghost

Aspect Group:

Background: Along with Aurora, came from outer universe, before life was created. Used to be a history teacher. Him and Aurora were two of many victims of an atomic bomb that started the nuclear war in their world. The sirens were broken, this is why the chances of survival were lowered. The way they died could be the reason for their misanthropy.

Mental age: Between 35-45

Ananke | The Mystic | The Arcane Queen


Name Origin: Named after Ananke, a not-so-often mentioned Greek goddess of necessity/force (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ananke). The character is partially based on her (mostly her role).

Spectral Energy’s color: From Cyan (#00ffff) to Vivid Green (#99ff33)

Kind: Av>Amazon

Aspect Group: Puppeteer Dollmaker/Watcher

Background: Used to live all by herself in a forest, probably because of her “shaman” role. Shot to death.

Mental age: Between 23-32


Ananke was the first spirit to get in direct contact with the Creator. During that meeting, he admitted that he doesn't want to control spirits but they need to be watched over and be united. So, he assigned her to do it (on one side, what a lazy bitch but on the other, he was still unconscious and had no body so...).  For the uniting part, he created the (later Abandoned) Capital, the first ever city to exist in that world.

She settled in there and made herself a puppet to disguise into a male white figure (yeah i know shh) so any mistakes could be blamed on said puppet. Also females were considered to be crazy.

There was only one huge mistake done: her job included being the judge and all the sentences were taken without a pinch of doubt but one day she (as he) had to judge over against those who created life. She knew it was against the law to make such things without Creator's permission but at the same time she understood why they disobeyed. This is why she refused to pass on the sentence and caused this way the division.


From that day she (without the puppet anymore, still no one was aware) became the care-taker of corrupted souls and a grey eminence of sorts.

After regaining contact with the Creator (that is, after the Chaos Era and returning to the area near the center of the universe) they started working together on helping corrupted souls recover.


For some beings, she appears as a caring lovely motherly figure. For the rest - as a cold mastermind behind silently functioning ghostly civilizations. And for the unfortunate as one sneaky femme fatale.

She has shown many faces and it seems like she has still many of them left to show. Hard to trust someone like that but at the same time, no other spirit can handle administration like her. Especially when having the Creator’s approval.

But even someone like her, no matter how much she tries, can’t cheer up all those depressed spirits who don’t know how to deal with awful memories from their lifetime for the rest of their eternal existence.

Her mask prevents the energy from overflowing, so she can control her powers well.

___ (the Nameless One) and Li | The Wanderers


Name Origin: ???. Li however, from Chinese “reason, logic” (https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/%E7%90%86#Chinese).

Spectral Energy’s color: From Pale Cyan (#afffff) to Strong Violet (#6a00d6). For Li, it’s White (those ‘flames’ show that the bunny is now being lifted by them).

Kind: Av>Phantom>Flamehead; for Li: Av>Phantom

Aspect Group: ___ is a Pneumacrat

Background: Li died to sepsis.

[The Nameless One] not only was born with brain defects but also got beaten for their weird behaving. They didn’t know what’s going on around them. They don’t even have an identity, hence why they have no name. Even if someone gave them a name, they wouldn’t react to it.

They died to strong blood loss.

Mental age: ___: varied; Li: between 7-10


Because of lack of identity, they [still the flamehead] couldn’t personalize how to look like afterlife, so a group of beings [Ananke and her buddies] had to, after finding them. The group also managed to fix their memory and sense of awareness.

___’s design was based on two popular depictions of ghosts: blue/purple flame and a person covered in white fabric (or a woman/child wearing a nightgown).

[The Nameless One] can communicate, but only other ghosts can understand them. In order to speak in a way humans could understand they have to possess something that is able of communicating in such speech (computers, writing machines, robots, other people etc.).

These two spend most of their time on, well... wandering. Sometimes they bother beings that happen to be around, but more often it’s those beings that bother them. — is neutral on most of the things, while Li became overtime quite cynical about some stuff. She refers to her buddy as “ami” which means ‘friend’ in French. Li and her ‘ami’ managed to befriend the Machine somehow. It probably took notice of her intelligence and their curiosity. It encouraged the duo to study things they encounter during their wanderings.